Tammuz Family is a surrogacy agency for intended parents. We focus on delivering surrogacy for gay couples, heterosexual couples, HIV positive, and single intended parents. If you’re interested in surrogacy in the USA, read on to find out more about our services.

Tammuz Family

Tammuz Family is part of the Tammuz Group, a global company founded in 2008.The company has quickly become a leading surrogacy agency in a large number of countries.

Not only we do offer full surrogacy services, we also make it our mission to change public opinion towards surrogacy. We’ve fiercely advocated for the right to accessible surrogacy services for everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, or relationship status.

Our Services and Plans

Surrogacy in the USA covers a number of different services.

We ensure all surrogate mothers, egg donors, and intended parents are fully vetted and screened.

Our services are available to heterosexual and homosexual couples, and single parents. The process remains the same regardless, and we make sure that all of your questions and concerns are answered before your surrogacy journey begins.

We always start with a 1-hour free consultation session. This allows us to discuss things with you and to check whether this is the right fit for your needs. While our services are customizable to match your needs, we have standard all-inclusive plans, with the guaranteed service:

We are more than just a surrogacy agency; we are a one-stop solution for your entire journey to parenthood. What’s more, our plans are the most competitive within the surrogacy sector. We also offer a guarantee of success.

Our Advantages

Why choose Tammuz Family as your surrogacy agency:

  1. Reputable doctors, our own clinic and exceptional medical services.
  2. All-inclusive affordable plans.
  3. Short surrogacy matching process.
  4. All-in-one solution for the entire surrogacy journey.
  5. We promote equality and give homosexual couples and single parents completely equal opportunities.
  6. We have over a decade of experience and support you through the entire journey.

At Tammuz Family, we make it our mission to offer full surrogacy fservice, walking you from A to Z in the process until you meet your family goals. We provide a guaranteed service to ensure you realize your dreams of parenthood. Our full-service plan supports you through every step of the journey and we won’t stop working until you have a healthy baby born.

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Tammuz Family prides itself on offering equal surrogacy service to single parents, same-sex partners and heterosectual intended parents. As part of our services for surrogacy in the USA, we offer guaranteed success. We believe everyone should have equal access to parenthood, so if you’re looking to start your surrogacy journey, choose Tammuz to be your surrogacy partner.