Surrogacy in Georgia and Armenia


Recently, the Prime Minister of Georgia announced his intention to close the surrogacy procedures in the country for foreigners.

It is important to note that until this decision is finally approved, the surrogacy procedures in Georgia continue as before.

We maintain direct and continuous contact with the legal authorities in Georgia and will updated on any development.

Also, in light of the expected legal change in Georgia, we are happy to inform you that we will soon open the Tammuz Program in Armenia.

Similar to Georgia, surrogacy in Armenia is also permitted by law for married heterosexual couples. For more information, feel free to contact us!

Who can undergo a surrogacy journey in Georgia?
Surrogacy in Georgia is available for married or unmarried heterosexual couples only.

The Surrogates:
All of the Tammuz Family surrogates in Georgia reside in and around the beautiful city of Tbilisi. They all undergo a lengthy and rigorous screening process before being accepted into the program and they must have had at least one healthy baby derived from a successful pregnancy. During the pregnancy, the surrogates live with their families and maintain their lifestyles as per usual. They have regular visits with the best medical staff at our state-of-the-art partner clinic monitoring their pregnancies according to standard Western pregnancy plans. They undergo all the customary pregnancy tests in addition to periodic blood tests to ensure that their overall health is satisfactory and on track for a successful birth. The surrogates are generously compensated for the service they provide, and this process enables them to secure a future for their children and their families. Their motivations are primarily economic.

The donors
Intended parents may choose a South-African egg donor from Tammuz Family’s database, a local Georgian egg donor, or a Ukrainian egg donor who would then be required to travel to Georgia for the egg extraction. All of the Tammuz Family egg donors undergo psychological and medical screening and IPs are provided with the donor’s genetic profile, medical history, education, employment history, interests/hobbies, family medical history, and a selection of current pictures.

The Clinic
GGRC Clinic
GGRC is a new word in the field of reproductive medicine!
The clinic is proud of its significant professional background and experience. We aim for the best searches, with the latest approaches and technology and the most up-to-date equipment. Our team is consisted of international professionals, with German precision and Georgian goodwill and the ambition to be the most reliable, quality, and demanding medical center in reproductive medicine.

“We take great pride in offering the highest quality of care at the most affordable price! Our IVF team has over 30 years of combined experience in fertility so be rest assured you’re in very capable hands when you come to GGRC!
We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved already. We’re the first clinic in the Caucasian region to offer women treatment with a new IVF technique cutting out much of the complexity and expense around egg fertilization and embryo development. We can guarantee honest and clear cooperation, we’re committed to helping you understand and assess your financial options GGRC founder and medical director professor Nino Museridze has spent twenty years delivering high-quality fertility treatment. Our radical new approach to IVF treatment is the result of many years of research by Nino and her team, as she trailed ways to bring down the cost of IVF.
Only GGRC has a childless couples support fund that is CSR of the Clinic and we provide financial support regarding reproductive procedures for low-income families.
GGRC has the most experienced doctors, well-trained staff, the newest equipment, the highest rate of positive results, and the lowest prices, that’s why you should choose the German way of accuracy and Georgian hospitality with the loyal legislation of Georgia, by choosing GGRC – Georgian-German Reproductive Center”.

Pregnancy protocols:
Pregnancy monitoring will be held at one of our partner clinics in Tbilisi. The Tammuz Family follows strict pregnancy guidelines that include monthly ultrasounds, nuchal translucency tests, GTT, anomaly scans, etc. The delivery is to a private hospital in Tbilisi.

Legal Services:
Our plans include managing all legal services for you! From contracts with donors and surrogates to issuing a birth certificate with your names on it, we will coordinate everything for you.

What happens after the birth of the baby?
In most instances, our case managers will guide you on the exit process however we encourage all Intended Parents to do their due diligence and seek advice from a local immigration lawyer to ensure you are abiding by all local laws with

Our plans


Basic Plan (With Existing Embryos)
  • Private coordinator – until birth
  • Custom made plan
  • Pay as you go
  • Existing embryos
  • Legal Services – Drafting and signing agency/surrogate contracts and the issuance of birth certificates
  • Full pregnancy protocol
Starting at US$45,000


Self-extraction Plan
  • Private coordinator – until birth
  • Custom-made plan.
  • Pay as you go
  • Creating embryos using your own eggs (future mother) and the future father’s sperm
    Includes one IVF treatment (no medication) of one cycle as well as three embryo transfers from the same cycle
  • Legal Services – Drafting and signing agency/surrogate contracts and the issuance of birth certificates.
  • Full pregnancy protocol
Starting at US$49,000


Basic plan with egg donation
  • Private coordinator – until birth
  • Custom-made plan.
  • Pay as you go
  • Create embryos from the egg donor and the future father’s sperm.Includes one IVF treatment (no medication) of one cycle as well as three embryo transfers from the same cycle
  • Legal Services – Drafting and signing agency/surrogate contracts and the issuance of birth certificates.
  • Full pregnancy protocol
Starting at US$51,000


Prime Guarantee Plan (Unlimited # of Donor Eggs)
  • Unlimited number of eggs from egg donor until a live birth
  • Unlimited number of embryo transfers to a live birth
  • Unlimited number of surrogate matches until a live birth
  • Legal services – legal documents and signing by signing agency / surrogate agreement and issuance of birth certificate /
  • Complete pregnancy protocol
Starting at US$61,000

Our Surrogacy Plans

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