Surrogacy for single women

In recent years, more and more single women have chosen surrogacy as a way to fulfill their dream of parenthood. Choosing to embark on the surrogacy journey as a single mother is challenging, but thanks to legal and technological changes, many women realize their dream through surrogacy.

Each route has advantages and challenges, different communication with the surrogate and different conduct with the parties involved.

A single mother can embark on a surrogacy journey only if she has a genetic link to the baby (meaning use of her eggs) and this is in accordance with the law in Israel and in most countries of the world.

Single women can go through the process today in USA and Argentina. Tammuz family has created several programs and we will be happy to help you choose the right route for you.

USA: Surrogacy in the USA for single women is legal in a number of countries. Tammuz’s routes offer diverse solutions at affordable costs and uncompromising quality.

During the surrogacy process in the USA, the sperm and egg donors undergo tests for infectious diseases in accordance with FDA laws.

The tests needed for egg extraction can range from 30 days before extraction to 7 days after extraction and it is important to understand this procedure before extraction.

In the case of existing embryos, you must check if you meet the conditions to receive a retroactive approval.

Intended mothers can choose from 2 programs:

A customized basic plan (existing embryos) that includes embryo transfer, screening, tests and medications for the surrogate, full American pregnancy protocol, legal accompaniment in the USA – signing a contract with a surrogate, issuing a court order – birth certificate with the mother’s name, parenting preparation workshops with leading professionals and full support of the Tammuz family.

A guaranteed plan until birth that includes an unlimited number of the different stages of the process until success. Among the services provided: embryo transfer and surrogate matching (unlimited until successful), complete pregnancy protocol and legal services – contract with the surrogate and issuance of birth certificates. Intended mothers also benefit from parenting preparation workshops with leading professionals and personal accompaniment of the Tammuz family.

Argentina: This route offers single women an affordable and high-quality procedure, depending on their personal situation.

Intended mothers can choose one of the following programs:

A customized basic plan (existing embryos) includes embryo transfer, medication, screening and tests for the surrogate, a complete pregnancy protocol, legal support in Argentina that includes signing a contract with a surrogate, issuing a court order, a birth certificate with the mother’s name and parenting preparation workshops with leading professionals.

A guaranteed plan until birth includes an unlimited number of the different stages until success. Among other things, the program includes: tests and financial compensation with regard to the surrogate, sperm donation, its examination and freezing, egg extraction, IVF, embryo transfer, medications, pregnancy monitoring, delivery (natural/cesarean section) including birth expenses and hospitalization of the surrogate and the baby, insurance for the surrogate and the baby, legal support, baby registration and parenting workshops.

Israel: After the High Court case that Tammuz family led, single women can now realize their dream of parenthood through surrogacy in Israel as well. The mothers must meet requirements of the Ministry of Health’s committee and be a resident of Israel between the ages of 18-54.

In addition, the intended mother will be able to embark on the surrogacy journey as a single woman only if she does not have more than two genetic children of her own.

For more information about the programs, we invite you to contact us.

Surrogacy process for single women – how does it work?

Initial consultation: We will be happy to meet and provide you with an initial consultation to explain the process, and to discuss the most suitable option for you.

Flying embryos/creating embryos: depending on your situation, we will contact the fertility clinic in the country where the procedure will be performed, and transport the embryos there if they exist, or arrange for in vitro fertilization (after choosing the donor and extracting the eggs).

Finding the surrogate: Tammuz will arrange a suitable surrogate who has been screened and comprehensively tested, according to the correct route.

Legal agreements: After a surrogate mother has been chosen, legal contracts are drawn up that set out the rights, responsibilities and expectations of both parties. These agreements cover aspects such as compensation, medical procedures and your rights.

Pregnancy and support: The Tammuz family provides support and medical care during pregnancy as well. You will also be able to be involved in the process and receive accompaniment and support throughout the journey.

Birth and parental rights: When the baby is born, the legal procedure involving legal documentation and parental rights established in a court procedure ensures that the parental rights are transferred to you, the intended mother.

Surrogacy for single people is not cheap. It is important to know the costs of fertilization, repatriation, birth and medical treatment.
Also, there may be emotional and psychological challenges during the surrogacy journey and it is important to be aware of them beforehand.

Despite the challenges, surrogacy can be a rewarding option for single women who want to become mothers.

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