Surrogacy in Colombia / Argentina


Tammuz is proud to be the exclusive partner of Celagem – the only surrogacy clinic in Colombia and Argentina with proven results.

Tammuz Exclusive:

  • Switch programs at no additional cost!
  • Hundreds of egg donors from 3 countries
  • The leading fertility clinic chain in South America
  • High success rates
  • Shorter duration of the procedure
  • Guarantee plans until the birth of your baby
  • Legal stability
  • Affordable costs
  • 15 Years of experience and close to 1600 babies born so far
  • Personal and professional support throughout the journey

Who can undergo surrogacy in Argentina or Colombia?

Surrogacy in Argentina is available to everyone, offering a unique alternative for same-sex couples, straight couples, single men, and single women who are looking for a more affordable option.

Surrogacy in Colombia is available to same-sex couples, and single men who are looking for a more affordable option.

The Surrogates

All surrogates are Colombian/Argentinian (depending on the program’s destination). They all undergo a lengthy and rigorous screening process before being accepted into the program and they must have had at least one healthy baby derived from a successful pregnancy. During the pregnancy, the surrogates live with their families and maintain their lifestyles as per usual. They have regular visits to our clinic, which monitors their pregnancies according to standard Western pregnancy protocols. They undergo all the customary pregnancy tests in addition to periodic blood tests to ensure that their overall health is satisfactory and on track for a successful birth. The surrogates are generously compensated for the service they provide, and this process helps them to secure a future for their children and their families.

The Egg Donors:

The egg donors are Colombian/Argentinian (depending on the program’s destination). All egg donors undergo psychological and medical screening and IPs are provided with the donor’s genetic profile, medical history, family medical history, education, employment history, interests/hobbies and a selection of current pictures.

Our Clinic

All IVF procedures, including embryo transfers, will be carried out at Celagem Clinic in Bogotá/Buenos Aires. Each clinic is an  advanced center for reproductive medicine with a medical director, lab personnel, geneticists, nursing staff, psychologist, and coordinators work together to provide the best possible service for our Intended Parents. In addition, our team is bilingual so questions can be answered in Spanish or English. Pregnancy monitoring will also be done at Celagem Clinic.

Pedro Martinez

We are proud to collaborate with Pedro Martinez, a leading embryologist in Colombia & Argentina who has assisted thousands of parents on their IVF journeys over the last 20 years. He is the founder of 10 health institutions including fertility clinics and genetics and molecular biology laboratories in Venezuela, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

He started the first genetics and biology laboratory in the city of Bogotá with a focus on reproductive health and an emphasis on pre-implantation genetic diagnosis of diseases. In addition, he was the first to use Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) for 24 chromosome analysis and the additional analysis of mosaicism in pre-implantation embryos. He works jointly with genetics societies and patient societies of Colombia and Venezuela and has a vast knowledge of the diagnosis of this type of pathology.

He is currently the lab director of several fertility clinics in Colombia, Venezuela, and the Dominican Republic including the general director of our fertility clinic in Bogotá. Pedro Martinez is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

Pregnancy Protocols

The pregnancy protocol is rigorous and set to Western standards and will include monthly ultrasounds, nuchal translucency, GTT, anomaly examinations, etc.

Legal Services

We are pleased to work together with Attorney Fernandez Garcia, who will assist and advise our Intended Parents throughout their surrogacy journeys on all the relevant legal processes in Colombia. His services include drafting the contract between the Intended Parents and the surrogate, as well as registering the baby immediately after birth. The biological father’s name will be listed on the birth certificate in addition to the surrogate’s name. The surrogate will then sign a legal document relinquishing all maternal rights which then automatically triggers the process for her name to be removed from the birth certificate. This procedure should take approximately 4 weeks from the birth of the child.

What happens after the birth of your baby?

In most instances, our case managers will guide you on the exit process however we encourage all Intended Parents to do their due diligence and seek advice from a local immigration lawyer to ensure you are abiding by all local laws with regards to babies born via an international surrogate agreement.

Surrogacy for HIV+ Intended Parents

Tammuz Family is also proud to lead the surrogacy revolution among couples and individuals who are HIV+. This represents a welcome change in stereotypes and allows these families to become an inseparable and integral part of the broader community. Advanced fertility technology enables couples and individuals who are living with HIV to undergo IVF and conceive perfectly healthy children. Intended Parents fly to Bogotá and undergo specific tests at our clinic before the ‘sperm washing’ procedure commences. After the testing phase is completed, the sperm-washing phase is carried out. Sperm washing is internationally recognized as a safe procedure. In May 2017, after reviewing reports on 11,500 assisted conception cycles that used the sperm washing technique, during which no woman or offspring contracted HIV, the US Government’s Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) determined the process was safe to endorse.

Surrogacy Plans

Costs are inclusive and cover all medical and legal procedures, as well as the surrogate’s and baby’s health insurance (hospitalization, neonatal ICU, and medical complications).

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ‘’Guarantee plan?”

The Guarantee Surrogacy Program in Colombia/Argentina was created to offer as much peace of mind and financial certainty as possible during the journey. It means that Tammuz Family undertakes to continue with the various stages of the procedure, until the birth of your baby. In this way, you can rest assured that you will not be required to pay any additional costs if it is necessary to repeat one of the stages of the procedure such as: egg donation, fertilization, matching a new surrogate, a new legal agreement, etc.

How long is the surrogacy procedure in Colombia/Argentina?

On average, the duration of the surrogacy procedure in Colombia/Argentina is between 18-20 months. Of course, different variables may affect the procedure. From our personal experience and following 15 years of supporting thousands of intended parents from all around the world, we are aware of your desire to finish the journey as quickly as possible. We will do everything possible to advance the procedure. At the same time, it should be taken into account that sometimes the procedure may be delayed for various reasons. Therefore, we recommend being patient, breathing deeply, and enjoying the time before the next chapter of your life begins.

Is it possible to switch between programs during the process?

Yes! With the Colombia/Argentina plan, it is possible to combine the programs or switch between them, based on the conditions specified in the contract.

What kind of communication will I have with the surrogates in Colombia/Argentina?

In the Colombia/Argentina program, there will be integrated communication – partly directly with the surrogate and partly through the fertility clinic and Tammuz Family. It is recommended to align expectations on this matter with your case manager and directly with the surrogate at the beginning of the journey.

Our plans
(Starting at 65,000$)


Basic Plans
  • Custom made
  • Pay as you go
  • Existing embryos
  • Legal Services – drafting and signing agency/surrogate contracts and the issuance of birth certificates
  • Full pregnancy protocol
  • Your own Program Coordinator – All in One Place!


Guarantee plans
  • Unlimited number of donor eggs until a live birth
  • Unlimited number of embryo transfers until a live birth
  • Unlimited number of Surrogate matchings until a live birth
  • Legal Services – drafting and signing agency/surrogate contracts and the issuance of birth certificates
  • Full pregnancy protocol
  • Your own Program Coordinator – All in One Place!


double Guarantee plans
  • Two parallel journeys
  • Unlimited number of donor eggs until a live birth
  • Unlimited number of embryo transfers until a live birth
  • Unlimited number of Surrogate matchings until a live birth
  • Legal Services – drafting and signing agency/surrogate contracts and the issuance of birth certificates
  • Full pregnancy protocol
  • Your own Program Coordinator – All in One Place!

Our Surrogacy Plans

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