For HIV+ Intended Parents

Tammuz Family is also proud to lead the surrogacy revolution among couples and individuals who are HIV+. This represents a welcoming change in stereotypes and allows these families to become an inseparable and integral part of the broader community. Advanced fertility technology enables couples and individuals who are living with HIV to undergo IVF and conceive perfectly healthy children. ‘Sperm washing’ is offered in the USA and Colombia only. Intended Parents fly to either Los Angeles or Bogotá and undergo specific tests before the sperm washing procedure commences. After the testing phase is completed, the sperm washing is carried out as part of the Special Program of Assisted Reproduction (SPAR) Plan. In May 2017, after reviewing reports on 11,500 assisted conception cycles that used the sperm washing technique, during which no woman or offspring contracted HIV, the US Government’s Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) determined the process was safe enough to endorse.

8 reasons why Intended Parents choose Tammuz