Tammuz Family recognises that surrogacy is an expensive undertaking. Over the past decade we have guided hundreds of men and women throughout their journeys and also provided financial and economical advice along the way. One of our main focuses has been to think outside of the box and implement strategies that significantly reduce the costs, such as creating new programs in different countries, lowering our agency fees and offering IP’s a variety of guarantee plans. However, as the surrogacy map of the world is continually changing, the options are becoming more and more limited. As you plan your surrogacy journey, we encourage you to do your due diligence and research the international market so that you can make an informed decision when choosing the most suitable plan. Just remember, our team is always here to guide and support you.

Please see below for a breakdown of costs for each surrogacy program.

Surrogacy in the USA -

STANDARD PLANSStarting at US$75,000

GUARANTEE PLANSStarting at US$108,000

Surrogacy in ukraine -

STANDARD PLANSStarting at US$41,150

GUARANTEE PLANSStarting at US$61.000

Surrogacy in the GEORGIA -

BASIC PLANSStarting at $42,000

GUARANTEE PLANSStarting at $56,000



Starting at $62,000

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