Our families

Over the past decade it has been our absolute privilege to assist thousands of men and women from around the world in creating their dream family. Our IP’s come from all corners of the globe and we are proud to accompany such culturally diverse heterosexuals, homosexuals, singles and couples on their surrogacy journeys. What unites these beautiful people together is one thing. Their desire to have a baby and start a family of their own! Therefore, every birth at Tammuz is literally a dream come true. And there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the smiles on our IP’s faces the first time they meet their babies.


Mottin Family (Brazil)

"Thank you, Tammuz! Our handsome son is wonderful, happy, and the love of our lives!''

Sato Family (Brazil)

"our biggest dream became a reality. Thank you, Tammuz!''

Salas Family (Brazil)

"Our daughter finally arrived in the same year that we are celebrating 10 years of our marriage. She is the most beautiful gift we could ever dream about.''

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