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Tammuz is a global surrogacy agency that specializes in personal and professional support throughout the entire surrogacy process, while ensuring sensitivity, empathy and professionalism.

We believe that fulfilling the dream of parenthood is a basic right for everyone, and we work tirelessly to help you become a parent, ensuring we respond to your unique needs throughout the process.

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In recent years, Georgia has become a popular and accessible destination for surrogacy with safe and affordable procedures at the leading clinic in Georgia approved by the Ministry of Health.

The costs of the surrogacy process in Georgia are significantly lower compared to other countries, and the process is relatively fast, with high success rates.

Surrogacy in Georgia is available to married couples or households who have been cohabiting for at least a year – heterosexuals only.

All surrogates go through a long and rigorous selection process and must have had at least one healthy baby born in a successful pregnancy. During pregnancy, surrogates have regular visits with the best medical staff and they are regularly monitored throughout pregnancy to make sure that their health is satisfactory and on track for a successful birth.

Why go through the surrogacy journey with Tammuz?

Tammuz’s direct relationship with the leading clinic in Georgia – GGRC

Tammuz family specializes in surrogacy in Georgia. We work closely with “GGRC” – the leading fertility clinic in Georgia, which has high success rates and is approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health. The clinic has the most advanced technologies and equipment, a medical and professional team at an international level with a personal and empathetic approach.

A strict pregnancy protocol coordinated with Tammuz team

Tammuz specializes in professional guidance and counseling throughout the entire surrogacy process, while adhering to a strict pregnancy protocol that ensures the health of the surrogate mother and the fetus. The protocol helps reduce risk during pregnancy and improves the chances of success, emphasizes the health of the surrogate mother and the fetus and ensures that the surrogate receives the care and support she needs.

The protocol includes:

  • comprehensive tests: full blood tests for the surrogate mother before the process begins, regular ultrasound tests throughout the pregnancy, genetic tests for the surrogate mother and the fetus,
  •  close medical attention by a doctor specializing in surrogacy and availability of medical staff 24/7 for any question or problem,
  • emotional support throughout the pregnancy, preparation workshops for birth and parenting and support groups for parents.

Short waiting time to find a surrogate

The average waiting time to find a surrogate in Georgia is usually about 3 months.

Georgia: a close and convenient destination for Israelis

Georgia is located in the Caucasus region, about 2.5 hour’s flight from Israel. This makes it a convenient and accessible destination for Israelis. The stay in Georgia after the birth is pleasant and comfortable. There is a wide variety of hotels, from furnished apartments to luxury hotels to hostels at reasonable prices.

Strict observance of the rights of the parents and the surrogate

The surrogacy process is an emotionally and legally complex process – at Tammuz we make sure that the rights of all parties are protected throughout. The legal basis is extremely stable and guarantees the rights of the parents and the surrogate even before the first deposit is made.

The means to protect the parents’ rights include a detailed surrogacy agreement with the terms and definitions of the surrogacy process, such as the parents’ rights over the child, the surrogate’s role in the process, emotional support, financial obligations and the registration and citizenship process. The measures to protect the surrogate’s rights include comprehensive medical examinations, emotional support, fair financial compensation and maintaining her privacy.

Both parties receive close legal support with an expert surrogacy lawyer who make sure that the agreement is drafted correctly and protects the parents’ rights.

Parenting preparation workshops with leading professionals

Parenting is a challenging and complex task. Parenting preparation workshops are an excellent way to get important knowledge and tools that will help you deal with the challenges of parenting. The workshops are accompanied by leading professionals such as pediatricians, developmental psychologists, lactation consultants and more and offer information on everything related to baby development, breastfeeding and sleep, baby care, parenting twins or triplets, and parenting after cesarean delivery.

A personal client portfolio includes advice throughout the surrogacy journey
During the surrogacy journey, you can access the close support of a client portfolio manager, including personal counseling, who will accompany you and connect all the dots throughout the journey.

The professional advice at every stage will be in the medical, legal, financial and emotional fields. The management is personal and adapted to your personal needs, significantly facilitating the process and saving you from having to deal with complicated bureaucracy.

The services in a personal client file are: assistance in choosing a surrogate who will be medically, emotionally and mentally suitable,  accompaniment and support in the medical preparation for you and for the surrogate, assistance in all legal aspects of the surrogacy process in Israel and abroad, accompaniment and support in the process of bringing the child into the world in Israel and abroad, assistance in registering the child and in arranging citizenship.

Tammuz Surrogacy offers a variety of customized surrogacy routes and programs in Israel and abroad. For more details and to schedule an introductory meeting without obligation, you are welcome to contact us.

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tammuz surrogacy

Surrogacy in Georgia

In recent years, Georgia has become a popular and accessible destination for surrogacy with safe and affordable procedures at the leading clinic in Georgia approved by the Ministry of Health.

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