Whether you’re a same-sex couple who doesn’t want to go through the process of adoption or a straight couple struggling to conceive – surrogacy could be the answer to starting or growing the family you’ve always dreamed of. 

beautiful smiling parents with little son on bed

When you choose to start your surrogacy journey with Tammuz, you can choose from two plan tiers – both include legal services and full medical protocols for pregnancy.


⭐ The Basic Plan

– Uses existing embryos

– Custom/pay-as-you go

🌟 The Guarantee Plan

provides intended parents with peace of mind. With this plan you receive: 

– Unlimited number of donor eggs until a live birth, 

– Unlimited number of embryo transfers until a live birth

– Unlimited number of surrogate matchings until a live birth. Learn more about our plans here: https://www.tammuz.com/surrogacy-in-the-united-states/