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Surrogacy For Same-sex Couples: A Brief Introduction

Surrogacy is a life-altering decision for any couple, irrespective of their sexualities. Having a thorough understanding of the procedure is what every parent should indeed consider. There is not a long array of differences in parenting styles of heterosexual and homosexual couples; however, that does not eliminate the scope for dissimilarity. Surrogacy for same-sex couples is new on the block, but it offers the chance for a same-sex couple to enjoy parenthood. It is no less than a blessing for them as there is no greater joy than being parents, especially when you are a same-sex couple.

Below, we have discussed the essential aspects of surrogacy for same-sex couples!

Matching: All intended parents should take the matching process seriously. In the end, you get to pick the potential surrogate for your child. Additionally, working with a gay-friendly surrogate and egg donor is crucial for LGBT intended parents. You should be able to count on these two women to support your decision to have children. To determine the surrogate’s sincerity in assisting and supporting your decision to become a father, several companies advise you to meet the surrogate Fertilization: Once you’ve found a surrogate and have matched, it’ll be time to brace yourself for the beginning of the medical treatment. The couple has to decide then who will provide the sperm. Another choice is to contribute sperm jointly with your partner. In this case, the eggs obtained from the egg donor will be divided by the IVF specialist, who will separately fertilize each portion of the eggs using cells from each spouse. One fertilized embryo from each partner can then be transplanted from there.

Legal Aspect: Upon deciding your mode of pregnancy, the step people often end up neglecting is going over the surrogacy laws of that area. You must discuss procedures with a lawyer who focuses on problems related to homosexual parenting or surrogacy. Most surrogacy agencies collaborate with these lawyers or have a legal team on staff to guide you through the procedure. The most frequent legal same-sex procedures include PreBirth orders, Voluntary acknowledgment of Fatherhood, Second parent adoption, Custody order, Wills, and estate planning.

The life-fulfilling feeling of parenthood should not be snatched away from any individual, especially because of their sexuality in the twenty-first century. However, as a couple, you must make informed decisions about parenthood instead of acting upon hasty wishes. You must also understand the parenting responsibilities that will come your way. The possibility of a surrogate is the boon toward which science and evolution are headed.
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