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Tammuz’s guarantee plans

Surrogacy is a long and complex medical and legal procedure, which sometimes includes repetition of steps, navigation of regulatory changes and more.

Beyond the emotional difficulties and the other challenges along the way, the intended parents can also face financial challenges.

In the past, intended parents often faced uncertainty, as they did not know exactly how much money they had to raise for the surrogacy process due to the possibility of repeating different stages until the end of the process.

About a decade ago, things changed. To offer intended parents a safety net and peace of mind throughout the process, Tammuz family created Guarantee Plans.  With these plans, intended parents know in advance the costs of their process and can prepare accordingly without the need to worry about the possibility of costs increasing.

Over the years, the guarantee plans have helped thousands of couples and individuals to start the surrogacy procedure with added peace of mind.

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So what is the guarantee plan?

The guarantee plan offers unlimited attempts at any stage of the surrogacy process. During international surrogacy, it can be necessary to repeat stages such as IVF and embryo transfer, or even a rematch with a new surrogate. The guarantee plans means that any necessary additional attempts are included in the price agreed when the contract is signed. This offers additional peace of mind and ability to plan for intended parents.

The goal is to give intended parents security, stability, transparency and a financial framework to avoid uncertainty. There are differences between the various guarantee programs in different destinations. It is important to understand what the guarantee plan includes in each and every route – we’d be happy to discuss each route in detail.

How are Tammuz’s guarantee plans different from other companies?

Many companies and agencies use term such as guarantee plans. However, it is important to understand the detail of these plans – for example, what happens in situations such as when the eggs of the donor run out? Will you have to pay again for another egg donation? Are there additional payments if the surrogate needs to be changed? Is the contract with a new surrogate included in the price or is an additional payment required? And there are a number of other uncertainties during the surrogacy process.  Many companies’ guarantee plans don’t cover all of these eventualities.

Our guarantee plan is unlimited. That means even if additional tests are needed or additional attempts are needed at embryo transfer, we will continue the process without additional payment.

Many intended parents find the guarantee plan works best for them – but it doesn’t suit everyone – for example, intended parents using the eggs of the intended mother or intended parents who already have embryos created. Please feel free to discuss the details of whether a guarantee plan is right for you with a member of Tammuz family.

Tammuz’s guarantee plans

Tammuz’s guarantee plans

Tammuz family created Guarantee Plans.  With these plans, intended parents know in advance the costs of their process and can prepare accordingly without the need to worry about the possibility of costs increasing.

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