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How to Manage Your Surrogacy Journey from an Economical Perspective

The surrogacy journey can cause a lot of headaches for intended parents. Ranging from the cost of healthcare and travel arrangements to managing legal aspects of the process, there’s a lot to think about when it comes to surrogacy services in the USA.

As a global surrogacy agency, Tammuz Family recognizes that it can be challenging for intended parents to manage these obstacles. Here’s how we help you through your surrogacy journey from an economic perspective.

Surrogacy Costs

At Tammuz Family, we offer different surrogacy packages for the intended parents. Our standard plans start at $75,000, while more advanced and US local plans start at $108,000.Our plans are entirely customizable depending on your needs and resources. All of the surrogacy services for gay and heterosexual couples come with a full guarantee of parenthood.

We also offer various payment plans to help you fulfill your dream of parenthood. Please feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to walk you through our affordable options.

Travel Costs

Our Surrogacy Services in USA include travel costs for both you and the surrogate mother. Dr Kumar at the Western Fertility Institute performs implantation, and we fly the surrogate mother to LA for the transfer. Tammuz Family ensures that all travel costs are covered at every stage and included in your surrogacy plan.


Our surrogacy services for same-sex couples, HIV+ parents, and straight couples include full medical coverage for the surrogate mother. We ensure a good health of the surrogate and the baby with immediate and full medical attention and highly skilled personnel. We perform a comprehensive screening process and require all surrogate mothers to have at least one healthy baby from a previous pregnancy in order for them to qualify. We also arrange blood tests and necessary exams during the pregnancy to monitor the health of both surrogate and the baby. 

Legal Considerations

Our legal team will assist you with the necessary paperwork, birth certificates, and passport applications for the newborn.

Surrogacy Services for HIV+ Parents

At Tammuz Family, we’re proud to lead the way in surrogacy services for HIV+ parents.  The most important part of our service is to ensure that your surrogacy journey is safe and happy, that is why we use the process called “sperm washing”. This process makes it safe for the fertilized embryo to be implanted in the surrogate mother and has been shown to have no complications.


Tammuz Family is a global surrogacy agency that provides surrogacy services for gay couples, straight couples, single intended parents, and people with HIV. We’re proud to lead the way in the surrogacy world by being an all-inclusive agency.

In times of uncertainty, more than another, we understand the possible financial constraints and are willing to work with you by offering only the services that you are interested in, making your plans tailored specifically for you and your family. For more information, contact us today and see how we can help with your surrogacy journey.

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