Gay Parenthood via Surrogacy

Tammuz Family, which was established to offer surrogacy services for everyone - without distinction of religion, race, gender and sexual orientation, is proud to lead the surrogacy revolution among same sex families around the world.

Over the years, the agency has developed unique surrogacy programs and breakthroughs in the field of fertility procedures for LGBT people, which have turned the dream of parenthood into reality for gay men and lesbians in may countries around the globe.

At the same time, Tammuz Family has been leading the struggle for equality in surrogacy and changing the legislation that will permit surrogacy in different countries for everyone - without discrimination.

In 2015 Tammuz filed a petition to the Supreme Court in Israel in order to enable surrogacy also for male couples, female couples, single men and single women. This, in addition to efforts to change the Surrogacy law in the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) and leading the battle through the media and society.

Due to legislative changes in various countries which led to closing the gates of surrogacy for male couples and singles, Tammuz Family currently offers single men and same-sex couples surrogacy Guarantee plans in the United States, as well as fertility plans in India for lesbian couples.

Tammuz Family is aware of the challenges intended parents may face, and it accompanies the fathers with sensitivity by focusing on their particular needs. In addition Tammuz Family holds special workshops and seminars for the parents to be and holds exclusive events for gay families that gives new families professional advice, support and training.

Surrogacy for same-sex couples - Guarantee Program in the USA

Surrogacy in the US offers intended parents stable and safe ground on the medical, legal and logistical levels. Tammuz family accompanies the parents every step of the way: from the beginning of preparations, choosing the donor, creating the embryos, meeting with the surrogate (via Skype), signing a contract with the surrogate, through the actual pregnancy, personal guidance and support – right up to the birth of their baby.

Gay couples can choose to try and produce a pregnancy of twins, in which each baby is genetically linked to a different father. This type of pregnancy has existed for several years already, however it is important to acknowledge the risks twin pregnancy embodies, which may result in early premature birth.