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What are the Options for Financing a Surrogacy?

The surrogacy process can be expensive owing to the involvement of the numerous people and services offered, including the surrogate’s long time commitment, legal complexities, and advanced medical treatments and procedures. The costs can be somewhere between $60,000 and $100,00 or more. 

If you are an intended parent and have financial constraints, do not get discouraged, as various surrogacy financing options are available to make surrogacy affordable and accessible. 

Below, we have discussed the various options for financing surrogacy! 

Surrogacy loans

Many intended parents rely on loans to pay for surrogacy expenses. Plus, traditional credit methods, such as credit cards and home equity loans, are also common options. You can consider the following financing/loan options: 

  • Home equity loans: As intended parents, you can borrow funds through a bank using your home as collateral. However, a good credit history may be required to qualify for the loan. 
  • 401(k) plans: You can borrow money from your retirement accounts. These loans enable you to borrow up to 50 percent of the current account balance. However, you have to repay the amount within a specific period, and the payment may be automatically deducted from your paycheck. 
  • Credit cards: Using credit cards to cover surrogacy costs is a common practice. However, the interest can quickly accumulate if you fail to pay the balance on time. 
  • Family members: If comfortable, you can ask your friends or family for financial assistance to offset the surrogacy costs. 
  • Fertility financing loans: Some financial institutions offer fertility financing and loans to intended parents battling infertility. 
  • Agency financing programs: Several surrogacy agencies allow the intended parents to pay the amount in installments instead of paying the costs upfront. They may also have their own financing programs or partner with organizations offering fertility grants and loans. It is best to talk to your agency about the financing options available. 

Surrogacy grants

Another popular option for surrogacy financing is granted. Several organizations offer non-repayable funds to intended parents struggling with infertility and ease the financial burden of surrogacy. 

Please note that the grants are awarded annually to families who complete and qualify for the application process. Different organizations have different requirements for grant eligibility. For instance, some grants may demand certain religious affiliations or a residency in a specific state. Plus, most grants may require you to prove your infertility with a proper medical diagnosis.

Since these grants rely on donations, more and more people should consider donating to infertility or surrogacy fund to help people grow their families and experience parenthood. 

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