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Tammuz offers you global solutions in the surrogacy journey

The surrogacy journey has different aspects. There are financial, medical, legal and emotional. The process is fraught with concerns and challenges, a kind of emotional and sometimes unpredictable roller coaster.

Throughout the process, the intended parents communicate with various parties – from the connection to the surrogate, through the egg donor if necessary, communication with the fertility clinic – to the accompaniment of lawyers, insurance consultants and more.

Tammuz family was established in 2008 and has accompanied thousands of future parents to this day. Tammuz regretted her flag from her first day to find global, creative and accessible solutions as much as possible and diverse routes that would suit the demands and needs of the parents, depending on their situation.

The variety of Tammuz routes – in USA, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Georgia, Ukraine and Israel, allows the intended parents to know the advantages and difficulties of each route, to compare the different routes in an informed way and to make the most suitable decision for them.

Tammuz global and unique toolbox was carefully built from the personal experience of the company’s staff that went through a surrogacy journey themselves.

Our relationships with diverse service providers, leading clinics and bodies in each country allow us to provide many creative solutions for challenges that may appear during the surrogacy journey. It also significantly facilitates the experience of the process for the parents who enjoy a maximum safety net.

The global toolbox

Best service providers: We work with the best service providers with innovative technologies. The experience we have gained in our 16 years of activity, allows us to choose the most professional clinics, lawyers and other service providers in the surrogacy field.

Affordable costs: the collaborations with elite service providers allow us to offer the most affordable surrogacy routes. We do everything we can to offer the safest and most comprehensive surrogacy programs, in order to reduce economic uncertainty.

Accessibility to international markets: we reach customers from around the world and operate with a variety of global markets, keeping up to date with legal, regulatory, logistical and medical changes in the various countries.

Knowledge is power: Tammuz agency has access to comprehensive and international knowledge in the field of surrogacy. we’re updated through our partners and representatives in the world and operate more efficiently and be aware of global influences.

Reducing challenges: the global activity allows us to reduce the risks arising from dependence on one specific country.
For example, constitutional changes in surrogacy may cause closure of a certain route (as happened in the past in India and Nepal) and force the parents to continue with another destination.

Your possibility in Tammuz to change to another route, depending on the circumstances and conditions, and to receive a creative answer to any problem, gives you a huge advantage if you choose Tammuz family.

At Tammuz agency you will receive a wide and comprehensive package of services, where all the stages process concentrated in one place. Starting from the stage of locating and screening the surrogate,
through the egg donation procedure, fertilization at the fertility clinic, legal accompaniment and the advice of the insurance specialist until the birth.

Interested in learning more about international surrogacy? Want to start the process? Contact us, we will be happy to answer any question and give you initial advice.

Tammuz’s guarantee plans

Tammuz’s guarantee plans

Tammuz family created Guarantee Plans.  With these plans, intended parents know in advance the costs of their process and can prepare accordingly without the need to worry about the possibility of costs increasing.

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