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Routes in Tammuz: Which surrogacy programs are right for me?

In recent years we have witnessed the flourishing of surrogacy routes in the world with more and more countries allowing the procedure to be performed.
Tammuz family, which has led the surrogacy revolution in Israel and the world for the past 16 years, is proud to offer today a wide variety of surrogacy routes suitable for parents according to their needs and personal situation.

So what are the differences between the different routes and how will you choose the right route for you? Fasten your seat belts, here we go.

We’ll start with your gender and family status, intended parents:
In Tammuz, we offer various surrogacy routes based on your family and personal status:

Male couples (married or unmarried) can embark on the surrogacy journey in United States, Colombia/Argentina, Mexico, and Israel. Married heterosexual couples can choose surrogacy routes in Ukraine, Georgia, United States, Argentina, Mexico, and Israel.
Unmarried heterosexual couples can choose surrogacy routes in Argentina, Mexico,
United States, and Israel.

Please note that in Georgia, future unmarried parents can also undergo the process, as long as they maintain a shared household for at least a year.

For single men, surrogacy routes in the USA, Colombia/Argentina, Mexico and Israel will be suitable. Single women will be able to undergo a surrogacy procedure in the USA, Argentina and Israel. Transgenders can choose surrogacy routes in United States and Argentina. If you are living with HIV you can do the surrogacy procedure in Mexico, USA and Colombia/Argentina.

The costs of the process significantly impact the choice of the surrogacy route, Due to the fact that this is not a cheap process. The surrogacy costs can vary greatly from country to country and are influenced, among other factors, by the cost of living in that country, medical services, compensation for the egg donor and the surrogate. Generally, it should be understood that the lowest process costs are in surrogacy routes in Colombia/Argentina, Mexico, Georgia, and Ukraine.

The surrogacy route in Israel is usually more expensive in most cases, and the cost of the surrogacy process in the United States is the highest.

Communication with the surrogate mother has a decisive effect on your experience throughout the journey. Each parent has different expectations of the nature of the relationship with the surrogate, its depth and the nature of the relationship. Interested in close and direct contact with the surrogate throughout the process? If so, the routes in Israel and the USA will suit you better. There you can expect personal contact, direct updates from the surrogate and sharing in the experience throughout the journey.

Direct but limited contact will also take place in Colombia and Argentina – although depending on the language limitations and the cultural gap. In Georgia, Ukraine and Mexico – there will be communication Mostly mediated and under the management and mediation of the Tammuz family. The mediation is designed to prevent short-circuits in communication and gaps between the parties.

What about egg donation?
The donor pool consists of many women with different genetic, personality and physical characteristics. The selection of the egg donor is one of the most important in the process and this step must be taken seriously.

Those going on a trip to Colombia and Mexico will choose a donor from the Latin donor pools. In United States American donors are of various origins, in Georgia most donors are Georgian or from Eastern Europe, in Ukraine the majority of donors are Ukrainian and in Israel you can choose a donor from different countries – USA and Eastern Europe, depending on the variety of medical centers in the country.

All donors undergo comprehensive screening and medical and genetic tests that verify their suitability for the process. And if a problematic gene is discovered in the future parents, the donor will be required to undergo another test for the specific gene to make sure that there is no fear of moving forward with the fertilization procedure.

If you want to read more about the donors in each route better – you are invited to read more information on our website.

Your English skills are also important in choosing a surrogacy destination. It should be remembered that when going through a surrogacy procedure abroad, communication is usually in English in all routes. Therefore, the ability to communicate in English at least at the basic level will make the process much easier.

Although there are translation and support services in a variety of languages, mastering the English language will help you understand processes, instructions, contracts and goals and, in addition, can ensure that you are fully and comfortably active and involved in the surrogacy process.

The legal aspect is extremely important in choosing the right surrogacy destination for you.
Each route has different laws, which affect the parents who can perform the procedure in the country, and how the details of the parents will appear on the birth certificate.
USA, Argentina, Mexico, Georgia, Ukraine and Israel the names of both parents will appear on the birth certificate.

In Colombia, the name of the surrogate will appear with the name of the biological parent, and later, only after the “separation of relationship” procedure, the name of the surrogate will be removed from the birth certificate, and a birth certificate will be issued with the name of the biological parent only.

Another important point is regarding the issuance of a local passport for the baby:
In U.S.A and Colombia, the baby will receive a local passport (American/Colombian, respectively) which he can leave the country, and only upon arrival home will he receive citizenship according to the citizenship of the parents.
On the other hand, in other routes it’s difficult to impossible to issue a local passport
 where the parents will be required to issue a passport (country of origin) for the baby before departure.

The decision to go through a surrogacy procedure is a personal decision that affects each person differently, so all the parameters mentioned above must be considered, including your personal, medical, financial and social situation.

Confused about our routes? We will be happy to meet and advice. Good Luck!

Tammuz’s guarantee plans

Tammuz’s guarantee plans

Tammuz family created Guarantee Plans.  With these plans, intended parents know in advance the costs of their process and can prepare accordingly without the need to worry about the possibility of costs increasing.

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