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How Are Surrogate Mothers Screened?

Finding a great surrogate is a critical yet challenging part of the surrogacy journey. You may be skeptical about partnering with a stranger to help you become a parent. Therefore, every surrogacy agency ensures that all the surrogates working with them are emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy and available to commit to the process. Since the agencies understand your concern, they put the surrogates through an extensive screening process. 

Below, we have talked about how surrogate mothers are screened! 

1. Surrogate social and medical history form: The surrogates are asked to fill out these forms after the initial application is complete and approved. The form asks them to share information about their family history. It helps determine if she can be an ideal candidate for the surrogate pregnancy. They may also have to allow access to their medical records of past pregnancies. Plus, a referral or approval from an OB-GYN may also be needed.

Knowing about the surrogate’s social history helps understand the reason behind choosing surrogacy. The agency can address their concerns and issues with her and determine if they will affect her pregnancy. 

2. An in-home assessment and background checks: Since the surrogate will be carrying the child for nine months, you must check what kind of home environment she will live in and whether it is appropriate while the unborn child is in utero. An in-home visit will allow a licensed social worker to interview the household’s adults and understand their thoughts. An ideal surrogate must have the support of her family. 

The surrogacy agency also conducts general, child abuse, and criminal background checks on the surrogate. It helps ensure that she offers a safe environment for pregnancy and will not cause any legal problems in the future.

3. Mental health and psychological evaluation: A surrogate’s state is as important as her overall health. She must be prepared for the emotions she may experience during the surrogacy. Therefore, visit a psychologist with her to discuss all the mental and emotional aspects of surrogacy. You will get an idea of how she will respond to the emotions. The surrogate will also learn how to interact with the intended parents.  

4. Medical evaluation: A medical assessment of the surrogate is essential. Usually, this test is conducted after the surrogate matches with the intended parents but before the legal contract is signed. The following standards are followed:

  • A review of the surrogate’s sexual and personal history
  • Blood and urine lab testing
  • A saline sonogram to evaluate the uterus
  • A physical exam

Once medical evaluation and screening declare the surrogate eligible to carry your embryo, the legalities are taken care of, and the surrogacy process starts. 

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