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6 Tips for Choosing the Right Surrogacy Agency

The journey of creating a family through surrogacy is full of emotions, budgeting, and significant financial decisions. Amid these, one of the essential and challenging decisions you will make is choosing the right surrogacy agency for the process. Remember, the agency plays a crucial role in delivering a positive, smooth, and safe experience. However, with so many agencies out there, it can get overwhelming to choose the appropriate one. Fret not!

Below are the top six tips for choosing the right surrogacy agency! 

1. Check the agency’s history and experience: While there is no assurance that a long-established agency will offer quality service, we suggest choosing an agency with a successful track record. Ask all the prospective agencies how long they have been in the business, how many families they have helped, and how their reputation has evolved over the years.

2. Inquire about their services: Some surrogacy agencies offer all the services, while some may offer only partial services. For instance, they may facilitate the matchmaking between the intended parents and surrogates, but they will not have the resources to support you throughout their journey. 

Ideally, you must choose a well-established and full-service agency that offers all services, from connecting intended parents to surrogates to legal services, making the process easier and less stressful. 

3. Ask about their screening process: Surrogates and intended parents must be physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared for the procedure. They should know the risks and responsibilities associated with it. Therefore, to determine if they are the right fit for it, extensive screening of both parties is essential. Choose an agency that invests time in getting to know you; otherwise, they would be unable to match you with the ideal surrogate. 

4. Make sure they prioritize strong matches between surrogates and intended parents: Surrogacy is a complex process, and strong matches can reduce stress, increasing the chances of success. Therefore, the best surrogacy agency will consider several factors, like the level of communication desired and the parties’ personality expectations. They will approach this matching process with personal care and extensive experience. 

5. Speak to their former clients at the agency: If you are the intended parents, talk to former clients and inquire about their experience. It can be extremely helpful in understanding the process of working with the agency. Therefore, your agency should at least share customer testimonials and case studies with you. 

6. Ensure they are upfront about the surrogate compensation: Financial compensation to the surrogate mother is a crucial aspect of the surrogacy journey. A reputed surrogacy agency will be upfront about the compensation and other monetary benefits. They will also clearly answer all your questions pertaining to medical bills and associated costs. It will help you plan your finances better and determine if your budget allows surrogacy. 

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Interested in Tammuz Programs for LGBT/Singles?


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