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The year 2023 is almost behind us and we wanted to share with you the goals we have achieved this year along with some of the year’s happiest moments.

Tammuz surrogacy or in other words “the Tammuz family” has been accompanying parents to be for 15 years at every step of the surrogacy journey and provides people dreaming of starting a family with all surrogacy services in one place.

We are happy and proud to have taken part in thousands of surrogacy procedures and egg donations for intended parents from Israel and around the world, which include safe routes, fertility services, and comprehensive support throughout the process until birth.

Tammuz provides all surrogacy services under one roof (one stop shop) which are managed by a dedicated and empathetic professional team with very high success rates and countless smiles and exciting moments.

The Tammuz family has one goal and that is to help people who want to start a family to fulfill the dream of parenthood, whether they are couples (opposite and same sex) or individuals. Tammuz has 15 years of experience of providing the best service, along with sensitivity and understanding, creative thinking outside the box, and a focus on reducing costs. We also provide the support intended parents need as they embark on this emotional journey, answering every question and embracing you with the feeling that you not alone.

Why choose Tammuz?

This year, as in others, we were blessed with countless exciting moments thanks to the privilege of making parents dreams come true. We are also expanding year by year with the ambition to reach as many countries as possible and provide a service to more parents who want to expand their families through surrogacy.

259 sweet babies were born this year!

In 2023, 259 babies were born to the Tammuz family to happy parents, of which 138 were boys and 121 were girls, with Adam being the most popular name for boys and Emma being the most popular name for girls.

Safe surrogacy routes in 7 countries

There are 7 routes available in the following countries: USA, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Ukraine, Georgia and Israel. The routes are suitable for everyone: a married same sex couple, an unmarried same sex couple, a single man, a single woman, a married heterosexual couple, unmarried heterosexual couple and for people living with HIV.

19 Tammuz offices globally

The Tammuz family has happy parents in 19 countries around the world who enjoy the close and professional support of the Tammuz team throughout the journey, including unique “preparation for parenthood” workshops run by leading professionals.

We have offices (almost) all over the world: Brazil, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Mexico, Portugal, Argentina, South Africa, Australia, India, Japan, China and more.

The Tammuz family is also part of the Tammuz Group – a chain of fertility clinics in Asia recognized by the FDA.

The pool of egg donors is diverse and we collaborate with other fertility clinics and professionals such as lawyers, and experts in the field of surrogacy and fertility in different countries.

Over the past 15 years, we have been privileged to accompany thousands of men and women from around the world on their exciting journey to start a family. We meet future parents from different countries and cultures, including gays, straights, couples and singles, young and old with one common denominator – wanting to start a family of their own. Every new family that is born is a dream come true for the team at Tammuz as well, and every first smile is an exciting moment for us. We should also say that we are very proud of you – it takes courage to undertake a surrogacy journey.

With the end of 2023, we want to take a moment and congratulate the 259 (!) babies born in the past year, and the families they are part of. Almost 22 new babies came into the world every month across the Tammuz family – it is a great privilege and responsibility to be part of this wonderful journey, hold your hand in challenging times, and be excited with you in the meaningful moments of life.

So, thank you, the babies of 2023 – without doing much so far, you have already fulfilled the biggest dream in the world! Thank you, beloved families, for your trust in us at this juncture of your life!

Thank you to the 43 Tammuz staff members for their dedication and professionalism, we have a lot to be proud of as a united team and family.

And good luck to the 1000 families on the journey with us right now. We assure you that we will continue to walk this journey with you side by side until your family is complete. That is our goal and helping your dream become a reality is what we do and what makes us proud every day.

May 2024 be filled with joy and endless love. Tammuz Family

We are an international surrogacy, fertility, and egg donation company.
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Interested in Tammuz Programs for LGBT/Singles?


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