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Surrogacy: Tips for a successful Journey

The Surrogacy process is complex, expensive, emotional, and challenging. Before starting out it is worth preparing properly, check out the different possibilities and find the program suitable for you. A short list of tips has been prepared for you which will help you through the coming period in the best possible way.


First of all, breathe deeply! We for our part will do everything to reduce the waiting time and to realize for you the dream in a most effective, safe, and proficient way by reducing the waiting period for a surrogate and accompanying you completely through all stages of surrogacy.

Financial assessments

The Surrogacy process is not cheap and we are constantly working to offer secure and worthwhile programs. From your part, we advise you to get assisted by a financial advisor and also where necessary the get help from different funding bodies. You may also consider loans from friends and family members. Check and compare the value in accordance with the planned outlay. We will be happy to advise and direct you also in this field.

Knowledge is power

Before you start the journey of your life learn a bit about what to expect along the way, read up about the subject so you know what to expect. We recommend comparing the different agencies based on different criteria such as: Cost, availability of surrogates, experience etc. We will be happy to help you to choose the correct path for you.

Choosing the egg donor
This emotional and significant stage tends to confuse the intended parents. Remember the egg donor makes up half of the genetics of your child, so you need to check the whole profile in accordance with your important criterion. Check the personal and medical questionnaire and the donor’s photos and don’t hesitate to engage the help of Tammuz team to find the right choice for you

The Relationship with the Surrogate
It is important to align expectations regarding the kind of relationship and connection you wish to have with the surrogate. If you wish to establish a close, open and friendly dialogue with the surrogate, the U.S.A Program might be more relevant. Coordinate expectations with her in regard to the different stages and don’t be afraid of sharing your worries and fears. Be focused on creating a healthy and personal connection with this important woman who will change your life

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The History of Surrogacy

in 1978, the birth of Louise Brown marked a significant milestone in the field of surrogacy as she was the first baby born through in vitro fertilization (IVF) for a couple struggling with infertility.

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