Dear Intended Parents,

You have now entered the most exciting stage of your surrogacy journey! We hope that we have delivered on our promise and done everything possible to provide you with all the necessary information and also guided you through the numerous stages with the honor and respect this incredible journey deserves. This guide has been written to give Intended Parents a detailed description on the process of bringing your baby/ies back home. The process will vary slightly from country to country; however, the guide is extremely informative and relevant for all Intended Parents.

Preparing for the trip to Kiev:

Cellular Device/Mobile Phone-

You can purchase a local SIM at the airport as soon as you arrive in Kiev. There are 2 major providers: Vodafone and KIEVSTAR. The cost of a SIM is approximately UAH150 (USD$5.60) depending on the plan. Free Wi-Fi is very common in public places. If you have purchased a local number, then we ask that you give this to your contact at Tammuz and also give this number to your attorney if you are in direct contact with them. Note: WhatsApp communication will remain with your home phone number. Do not switch countries when prompted!

Baby supplies-

Travel documents-

You must have the following documents:

Insurance for the baby –

David Shield

This insurance policy is valid for 24 hours on the day the baby is discharged from the hospital assuming/he/she/they are healthy.

Traveling to Kiev-

The recommended date to travel is from 36 weeks with a singleton pregnancy and from 32 weeks if your surrogate is carrying twins. We recommend that you constantly update Tammuz with your flight details, hotel, or other accommodation information and that if changes are made that you notify Tammuz immediately. As soon as you arrive in Ukraine, we will notify the team at the fertility clinic. We will also coordinate a meeting with your surrogate before she gives birth. Please bring a suitable gift for her. In addition, we can coordinate an appointment with the doctor at IVMED so you can ask any questions about the pregnancy and birth.

Useful Tips-

Recommended supplies for your stay at the hospital-

Surrogacy in Ukraine – Parents Guide Part 2 (Birth)

After months of anticipation, the moment of the birth has finally arrived. We hope that you have made all the necessary preparations as requested by the Tammuz team. The births are conducted in a public hospital. A clinic representative will update you with information regarding the birth as your surrogate approaches the 39th week. The majority of births happen in the 39th and 40th weeks, however at times there may be complications and therefore a caesarean birth will be scheduled. Intended Parents should arrive at the hospital with all the suggested supplies for the baby. The baby is expected to remain in the hospital for approximately 3 days after the birth, the same time as the surrogate. Discharge of the baby is determined by the discharge of the surrogate from the hospital. After the birth, the baby is separated from the surrogate and transferred to the new-born nursery for initial tests. Once given the all clear the baby is then transferred to you.

Vaccines for the baby:

In the hospital, babies will receive a Vitamin K shot. It is then recommended by the doctors to give your baby additional vaccinations such as BCG and hepatitis B. You should notify the medical staff as soon as your baby is born whether you are interested in these vaccinations.

Issue of local birth certificate:

A local attorney of IVMED Clinic, is responsible for coordinating all the required paperwork and procedures connected with registering the baby at the local office of the registrar. They will facilitate this process until you have been issued with your baby’s birth certificate. They will endeavor to coordinate this meeting whilst you are staying at the hospital, assuming it does not fall on a weekend/public holiday or other local event in which the government offices are closed. Both Intended Parents must be present at the meeting in the local office (the baby is not required to attend). Here, you will be required to show your passports and your original marriage certificate with the official Apostille Stamp. As soon as the Government representative has sighted these documents, the birth certificate will be issued. Note: If your embassy requires an Apostille Stamp on the original birth certificate to grant citizenship, the process will take an additional three more business days. If your embassy requires an Apostille Stamp on the original birth certificate plus a translation of the original birth certificate with Apostille Stamp approval, the process will take an additional ten more business days and involves an additional cost.

Discharge of baby from hospital:

The Tammuz Guarantee Plan includes all costs related to the birth and hospital for a period of three days. It does not include:

Once you are discharged from the hospital you can request a medical summary from the hospital and have this translated by a clinic representative (Anna) in to English. These details will then be referred to Dobrobut Clinic where an English-speaking pediatrician will come and visit you at the hotel. This is optional but highly recommended as Intended Parents can spend up to 8 weeks in Kiev before being issued with a passport.

Note: Please ensure you keep all receipts for any out of pocket expenses related to the birth. Tammuz will also keep all receipts for payments made through the company and then provide you with a copy.

Surrogacy in Ukraine: Parents Guide Part 3 (Legal Proceedings)

For Australian Intended Parents:

Intended Parents must apply for Australian Citizenship by descent for their baby before they can apply for a passport. Please register an account here:

In order to have more information on birth, adoption, and surrogacy please follow the link of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

Australia’s High Commission in London is responsible for all immigration matters, including citizenship, queries. We would encourage you to contact the High Commission in London to discuss what is required to obtain Australian citizenship in surrogacy cases. Their contact details can be found here: You can apply for a passport once the citizenship certificate is issued.

As soon as  you receive  original Australian Citizenship Certificates or once the Australian Embassy in Kyiv and the Australian Embassy in Warsaw receives a scanned copy of the Australian Citizenship Certificates from the Department of Home Affairs official,  please email the Australian Embassy in Kyiv for making an appointment for a passport interview. The Australian Embassy in Kyiv does not hold any pre-passport interviews.

Please check whether you have all the documents ready to apply for passport. We strongly recommend to double check all the documents, signatures, and contact details.

Please do not copy any PC8 forms from any one – every PC8 has its unique bar code, please fill out and print your PC8 form from:

Please see below the list of the original supporting documents which you must present at the passport interview:

Please note:

Ukraine does not allow for passports to be sent/mailed/couriered to/from abroad. Thus, to expedite passport issuing process, you may do the following:

We also recommend you read the official advice on travel to Ukraine as well as register at Smartraveller:

For Israeli Intended Parents:

As soon as you have been discharged from the hospital, we recommend that you start all legal proceedings with regards to applying for Israeli citizenship and a passport. You are required to organise an appointment with the embassy where both you and your surrogate will attend. To coordinate a meeting at the embassy, email to

For further details if needed: Etti Binyamin, Consul, Moblie: 00-380-50-4199444

To whom this may concern,

On (Insert Date), our son/daughter was born via surrogacy in Kiev, Ukraine. We would like to schedule an appointment with you for the purpose of sending a DNA sample back to Israel to establish paternity of our child and subsequently be issued with a passport so we can travel home ASAP. For this meeting could you please confirm the following:


Please avoid feeding your baby ½ an hour before your meeting. Both parents, the surrogate and a representative from the hospital/clinic need to be with you at the meeting.

You will need to bring the following documents to the interview at the embassy:

In the meeting, the following two actions shall be performed:

Our estimate for the total cost of the procedure at the embassy is approximately USD$200.

At the end of the meeting, please ensure that all of the original documents are in your possession, including a copy of the bill for DNA shipment in order to track it and notify the Israeli attorney. The approximate delivery time of the test to Tel-Hashomer Hospital is usually 5-7 days, and another 10 days until tissue test results are received. Immediately upon receiving the laboratory opinion, the Israeli attorney shall send a courier to the court to deliver the envelope, which only the judge is authorized to open. The judge usually requests the response of the attorney’s office, and this could extend the procedure by another three days. Upon receiving the judge’s decision, the material shall be transferred by the attorney to the Ministry of the Interior, and from there to the Foreign Ministry. Only then will an email be sent to the embassy, approving the issue of a passport for the baby. From our experience, we estimate that the period of time, from the moment of sending the sample until approval of the passport, shall be at least two weeks. At the end of the meeting at the embassy, it is customary for the parents to give the surrogate a tip. The sum of the tip is of course at your discretion. This is actually the moment where you will say goodbye to your surrogate.

After receiving confirmation of fatherhood from Israel, and approval for the passport/s to be issued, you must notify the embassy of your intention to arrive the following day, early in the morning, to collect them. At this meeting you are required to bring your passport and a passport photo of the baby (please ensure the baby’s eyes are open and he/she is wearing a white shirt).

Upon leaving the embassy, make sure you are in possession of:

Congratulations! You’ve completed the process of returning home. We wish you a pleasant flight and don’t forget to let us know as soon as you arrive home!

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