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Surrogacy Consultation: All You Need To Know

A surrogacy agency helps you navigate your surrogacy journey towards parenthood. You may question why you should choose an agency. Well, because the surrogacy process is complex and you may not be able to manage it on your own. Plus, the agency offers support at every step.

But, before you choose the agency, you may have to participate in a surrogacy consultation to help you make a better decision. You can also understand what the surrogacy process will look like and when to start it.

Below, we have talked about everything you must know about surrogacy consultation.

What is a surrogacy consultation?

A surrogacy consultation is a meeting between the surrogacy agency and intended parents.

How long does a surrogacy consultation last?

Usually, a surrogacy consultation session lasts about 1 to 1.5 hours. This time allows you to share your story, ask questions, clear your doubts, and get the answers to all your questions about the process from the surrogacy agency.

Why does the agency ask so many personal questions?

Indeed, the surrogacy process is very personal, and no two journeys are the same. Therefore, the surrogacy agency approaches every journey individually. Knowing more about your personal life helps them know you better as intended parents, the reason behind your interest in surrogacy, and how prepared you are emotionally and financially to become intended parents. The answers will allow them to curate a customized and personal approach for your individual case.

How do you know that you are ready for a consultation?

If you have done enough research on surrogacy and are ready to start the journey within the next year, schedule a consultation with the agency as soon as you can. However, if you are still in the research phase and not sure if surrogacy is appropriate for you, you can go for a pre-consultation session.

Why you should participate in a surrogacy consultation?

The surrogacy consultation will help you learn about the process and costs and determine if the agency is the right fit for you. During this process, you will get an idea of your surrogacy journey and how the agency will help you with it. Getting to know and vetting your chosen surrogacy agency is important for a smooth and successful surrogacy journey.

Is consultation with an agency a commitment to sign on?

No, consulting a surrogacy agency is not a commitment to sign on with it. Of course, you might be looking at other options, and it is ideal to schedule a consultation with your top three choices.

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