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7 LGBT Parenting Tips

Every person has a right to parenthood. However, it is more difficult for LGBT couples to become parents as compared to traditional heterosexual families. Plus, finding the right guidance for the parenting journey is also challenging. 

They are less likely to bump into another LGBT parent at a park or school. Moreover, raising an LGBT child can also get complicated. There is no manual for parents to follow. In such a situation, they may get intimidated by the idea of parenting.

Below, we have listed the top seven LGBT parenting tips! 

  1. Engage with your child: Break the walls of prejudices by regularly talking to your children. You can read some LGBT-positive books to toddlers and preschool children. It can help them learn about different families, alternate lifestyles, and acceptance. 
  2. Build a safe environment: As a parent, it is your responsibility to build a safe environment for your child. It is an easy job at home as you have total control; however, it can get challenging outside the home. Ensure that school and other places your child frequently visits are safe, welcoming, and accepting for your child. Ideally, choose a school that is more tolerant and represents family diversity. 
  3. Find support: It is extremely helpful to have some support through the parenting journey. Family members, friends, and other LGBT parents can be invaluable resources. They will be there when you need help, someone to ask questions, and someone to listen. Therefore, start building a strong support system early on and try to include LGBT parents as they will better understand your position and offer you advice and guidance from your perspective. 
  4. Teach your child before teaching others: Children learn what they see at home. So, teach them about tolerance, respect, and the importance of diversity. Do not just say it; act upon it. As an LGBT parent, you have a unique opportunity to encourage people around you to talk openly about your family. 
  5. Answer questions age-appropriately: Generally, children have many questions about their identity and birth family. They may even have questions regarding their sexuality. You should answer their questions calmly and straightforwardly. Be open and honest, but do not overwhelm them with too much information they may not need to hear. 
  6. Respect their feelings: Children raised by LGBT parents may have different feelings about the situation. They may perceive themselves differently than other kids. It is okay for them to feel like this since society significantly influences the child’s emotional development. Therefore, respect the difference in their opinions and teach them to express their feelings respectfully. 
  7. Create a social network with LGBT parents: Your child will better understand LGBT parenting when they are in contact with other kids raised by LGBT parents or guardians. Your children will feel better and more confident when they know they are a part of a community. 

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