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Are You Ready To Become a Parent?

Baby. New baby. Caring for a growing family needs dedication and commitment. And your entire family needs you dedicated. Babies need love, care, and attention. Make sure you are ready because babies will change your life forever. No matter how eager you are to have a baby, you might not be prepared for the changes ahead.
Are You Ready To Feel Like You Might Die From Lack of Sleep?
Just kidding. No one is ever ready for that.

We’re saying: Are you ready to not be able to sleep like a normal human being? Because that’s what happens when you have a baby. Babies are cute and cuddly, but they also cry and poop their pants and want your attention 24/7. And they don’t care if you’re tired or sick or sad or hungover because babies are selfish like that.
Never. Babies wake up all night long, and toddlers wake up all night long. They also wake up early — like at 5:00 am on a Saturday — and wake everyone else up. The good news is that they eventually learn to sleep through the night (though they often go through periods of insomnia along the way). And once they do sleep through the night, you’ll likely develop an inability to sleep past 4:00 am because that’s when the sun starts shining in your eyes and the birds start chirping in your ear. You’ve become convinced that anything less than eight hours of sleep is enough for you.
Are you ready to have someone dependent on you every day?
Are you ready to wake up every day, get dressed, and go to work? When your kids are sick, do you want to take a day off to be with them? Is it OK if you can’t take a vacation this year because you can’t afford one? Are you ready to change, clean, and cook for someone who won’t even say thank you? Will they probably cry and scream at you instead?
Being a parent means that your entire life will change. It’s not “me time” anymore, and it’s all about someone else. Time to make sure that you’re ready to give up your own life so that you can dedicate yourself totally to your baby. Before having kids make sure that you have the right support system in place and that you are prepared for the responsibilities of parenthood.
Are You Ready To Stop Caring About Your Appearance, Health, and Leisure Time?
This will probably sound unfair to some of you, but here’s the truth: if you don’t care about your appearance now when you’re child-free — if you’re completely OK with letting yourself go — then parenthood will probably not change this in any way. If anything, you’ll have less time and energy to spend on yourself as a parent than you do now as a non-parent.
When you have kids, your life is no longer about you, it’s about them.
You’re not going to have time to worry about your appearance anymore. You’ll be too tired, busy, and sick of smelling like rotten milk and baby puke and urine.
You won’t care how much you weigh, how many zits you have, or how bad your hair looks. If you’re a woman, the last time you wore makeup was probably when you were in high school and trying to get the cute boy at work to notice that you exist. If you’re a man, the last time you shaved was probably the day before your wedding.

Your health is going to take a back seat to theirs. Unless your kid is sick all the time, the chances are good that it will be years before you see a doctor for something that isn’t related to pregnancy or birth control or fertility treatment. It will only be because a friend has convinced you that they will never speak to you again if you don’t get that lump checked out. You won’t even think twice about missing an entire night of sleep because someone else needed part of it more than you did.
Are You Ready To Do the Same Repetitive Tasks Repeatedly, Without Any Thanks or Recognition?
What’s that? Are you thinking about having a family?
First, ask yourself: Are you ready to repeatedly do the same repetitive tasks without any thanks or recognition? Good luck trying to teach your child to put their dirty laundry in the hamper or pick up their toys off the floor. You will be repeating yourself so often that it will make your head spin. Your child will probably ignore you at least 50 percent of the time, if not more.
Are you also ready to worry constantly about what might happen to your child? When they are old enough to go out in public, you’re worried about who they are with and what they are doing — even when they get older and can take care of themselves.
Do you like feeling exhausted all the time? Parenthood is going to do that to you. And don’t count on sleeping through the night anytime soon.
Babies Need Love, Care, and Attention. Make Sure That You Are Ready Because Babies Will Change Your Life Forever.

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