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How We Can Help You!

Medical Support

Monitoring the health and medical status of all participants (Surrogate in Georgia, egg donor, and intended parents) in all surrogacy programs is key in achieving success. All medical tests and procedure are carried out in leading fertility clinics by keeping WHO standard and protocol in mind.


Logistic Support

We will help you select the best country and service provider as per the specific legal and financial framework. With our local team, we assist in planning visits, coordination in all stages, accommodation, and local support. In case you wish to send frozen semen sample or frozen embryos, we help and advise the transportation.


Legal Support

Legal support begins with explaining the legal surrogacy parentage process, signing the egg donor and surrogacy agreements and go up to ends – registration of the baby citizenship and getting the travel documents. The legality of each surrogacy process is ensured based on biological parents’ country and the law of the country where the child is born.


Psychological support

The surrogacy in Georgia or even anywhere else is the important process – overwhelming and filled with lots of emotion, anxiety, and sometimes impatience. Many couples have gone through a long emotional and exhausting journey before reaching a decision on surrogacy.


Highly Qualified Specialists

Our kind and compassionate care team includes leading fertility specialists, embryologists, physicians, nurses, medical assistants and other support staff like surrogate care coordinators, international case managers and dedicated reproductive lawyers.


The Latest High-Tech Equipment

Our IVF centers are well equipped with high-tech and approved equipment that ensures the best possible cooperation with doctors. The latest embryology lab equipment’s and technique make us to offer highest success rate possible in the field of ART.


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