Tammuz Australia invites you to a webinar on
Friday, April 28.
Start at 7pm Time: 50 mins to 1 hr.
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This webinar was created especially for those who dream about having children but don’t know where to start!
It will be my honor to present the surrogacy process as a revolutionary solution to make your dream a reality. We will talk about all the advantages and challenges of this journey.
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  • Introduction to Tammuz Family – A Full-Service Surrogacy Agency?
  • What are the different types of surrogacy?
  • How does surrogacy work and am I eligible?
  • Who are the egg donors?
  • Who are the surrogates?
  • What will my journey look like and what are the timelines?
  • Where are the destinations and what are the costs?

Steven is the new manager for the Oceania and UK regions and is delighted to join the Tammuz Family. He brings with him a bachelor’s degree in business and a wide range of career experience, from flying the skies with Virgin Australia International to working in insurance with a recognized professional services firm. When the opportunity came to start a new chapter and direction he jumped at the opportunity! He and his fiancé are currently on their own surrogacy journey with Tammuz through Colombia, and is very excited to bring his knowledge and passion for all things family and surrogacy to all the Intend Parents down under! So, reach out today and say G’Day!


Territory Manager (Australia, NZ & UK)


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Friday, April 28.
Start at 7pm
Time: 50 mins to 1 hr.

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