Surrogacy in the USA

Our USA Guarantee Plans offer affordable surrogacy with uncompromising quality. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, heterosexual or gay, our USA Guarantee Plans are suitable for all IP’s. IP’s may choose between four unique Guarantee Plans ranging in price, all of which offer inclusive and comprehensive support throughout the entire surrogacy journey.


All of our surrogates in the USA are American citizens living in different cities. They all undergo a lengthy and rigorous screening process before being accepted in to the program and they must have had at least one healthy baby derived from a successful pregnancy. They are flown to LA for the embryo transfer (to be performed at Western Medical Institute), however during the pregnancy, they live at home with their families and maintain their usual lifestyles. During the first trimester, the pregnancies are monitored by Dr. Kumar from the Western Fertility Institute. After the first trimester, our surrogates are monitored by their personal physicians in their home city. Throughout the pregnancy, the surrogates undergo all the customary pregnancy tests in addition to regularly scheduled blood tests to ensure that they are healthy and the pregnancy is progressing normally and without complications. We recommend that from the time you are matched with your surrogate that you maintain weekly contact vis Skype and/or WhatsApp. This encourages an organic relationship to be formed so when you reach important milestones along the way there is no awkwardness felt by either party. The current waiting time for a surrogate is 1 -3 months, depending on where you are placed on the waiting list.

Meeting the surrogate for the first time; on embryo transfer day!


Tammuz Family offers a wide variety of South-African and American egg donors. All of the Tammuz Family egg donors undergo psychological and medical screening and IP’s are provided with the donor’s genetic profile, medical history, education, employment history, interests/hobbies and family medical history. Photographs are also included in their profiles. Our donors are anonymous; however, some donors will agree to ‘meet’ via “Skype”. Intended Parents can choose either fresh or frozen egg donations from Tammuz Egg Bank, depending on the plan and the program.

What happens after the birth?

After the birth our experienced legal team will ensure that the relevant name/s will be placed on the birth certificate ASAP. The timing will depend on which state your surrogate lives in. As soon as the birth certificate is issued our legal team will then assist you in applying for a US passport for the baby. Expedited passports can be issued if you can provide the passport office with your airline tickets. Once you have your baby’s passport, he/she can travel back home with you on a tourist visa. It is advised to employ a local attorney for advise on how to gain citizenship for your child in your home country.

Our plans

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