Surrogacy in Albania

Surrogacy in Albania is available for single men, offering a unique alternative for those seeking accessible surrogacy at an affordable cost.

The Surrogates:

Our Surrogates in Albania are mostly Eastern European who live in Tirana. They all undergo a lengthy and rigorous screening process before being accepted in to the program and they must have had at least one healthy baby derived from a successful pregnancy

The Egg Donors

Our Egg Donors are Eastern-European who travel to Albania for the egg extraction. In addition, the intended parents may choose a South-African donor from Tammuz Family’s Egg Donor database. All donors undergo an extensive medical screening process and IP’s have access to their profiles that include pictures, personal health information and family history.

Our Clinic:

We are proud to collaborate with Dr. Handan Namlı, a well-known fertility expert, who has helped create thousands of families over the past fifteen years. The IVF process, including the embryo transfer, is all performed at International Turkish Hospital IVF Clinic in Tirana, Albania’s capital. International Turkish Hospital IVF Clinic is a state-of-the-art facility, with the latest medical equipment and is the leading fertility clinic in Albania with the highest success rates.

Pregnancy protocols:

Pregnancy monitoring is coordinated at the newly built hospital where International Turkish Hospital is located. The pregnancy monitoring protocol is strict, and includes monthly ultrasounds, nuchal translucency, GTT, Anomaly scans etc.

Legal services:

We’re delighted to be working with Adv. Arjula Cibaku, our Albanian legal partner and attorney in law. Arjula will assist our IP’s with all legal matters in Albania including issuing the contract between the IP and surrogate. She will also assisting with the process of obtaining a birth certificate and passport for your child. The biological father will be registered on the birth certificate in addition to the surrogate. Once you have left Albania and returned home, legal proceedings will commence in order to have the surrogate’s name removed from the birth certificate. 

What happens after the birth?

In most instances our case managers will guide you on the exit process however we encourage all Intended Parents to do their due diligence and seek advice from a local immigration lawyer to ensure you are abiding by all local laws with regards to babies born via an international surrogate agreement.


Please note: costs are all inclusive and cover all medical and legal procedures, as well as the surrogate’s and the baby’s insurance (hospitalisation, NICU, and medical complications). No additional expenses are expected, except for the IP’s travel expenses and all legal costs in their home country.Our clinic

Our plans


Guarantee singleton pregnancy
Twin Pregnancy Additional Cost: €15.000


Double Guarantee plan

Twin parallel journeys.


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