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The new Surrogacy Act (2021) restricts many Intended Parents to apply for surrogacy in India. 

Tammuz mission is to avail surrogacy to all, without discrimination. If you wish to be a parent and your road to fulfillment must include a surrogate – Tammuz has the right solution for you.

Tammuz offers surrogacy plans in USA, Georgia, Mexico and Colombia.

About Us

Tammuz Family is an international surrogacy, fertility and egg donation company, offering a full range of comprehensive guarantee surrogacy programs. The company was established in 2008 and for the last decade has quickly become one of the world’s leading agencies with offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Finland, The United States, Brazil, Mexico, Portugal, China, India, South-Africa, Australia and Israel. At Tammuz Family we specialise in offering same sex couples, straight couples, single men and single women, accessible and affordable surrogacy programs in the USA, Colombia, Georgia and Mexico and we are proud that, to date, more than 1300 babies have been born to Tammuz Family Intended Parents (IP’s). Our low agency fees and the fact that we offer ALL services from egg donation, IVF and legal advice etc. under the one umbrella, set us apart from our competitors.

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Straight Couple
Not Married
Already have a child
Require egg/sperm donor
Require both egg & sperm donor
One of the parents in not Indian/OCI
Gay Couples/Single man
Allowing Gay couples
Both fathers can be genetic
Single Women
Was never married before
Require egg and sperm donor

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At Tammuz, we offer a range of plans in various destinations around the world. Click below to discover the best plan for you!

Why Tammuz?

Surrogacy Programs


Tammuz Family fully supports IP’s and provides them with the best and most professional and personal services possible.

surrogacy support groups in Australia


We offer a range of plans at an affordable cost. Our agency fees are significantly lower than other agencies.

international surrogacy in New Zealand


Depending on the destination, the current waiting time for surrogates is between 0-3 months.

surrogacy support groups in Australia


Since 2008, over 1300 babies have been born under the expert guidance of the Tammuz Family global team.

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You, the IP, will feel more secure and less stressed knowing that we coordinate everything for you from the beginning of your journey to the end and beyond including matching you with a surrogate, creating embryos, carrying out all medical procedures, providing legal support and insurance consulting.

surrogacy support groups in Australia


Tammuz is no longer just an agency. In the last decade we have built a community and are proud to maintain contact with our IP’s, their babies and their families.

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Since its inception, Tammuz Family has worked hard to promote equality and make surrogacy accessible for everyone. Our team have been instrumental in bringing about changes in legislation and we will continue the fight until equality is achieved for each and every IP that signs with Tammuz.

Surrogacy Programs


Tammuz Family supports IP’s throughout their entire journey until the birth of their child. But our support does not stop there. We have been building our community now for over a decade and are proud to have assisted hundreds of families post-birth by coordinating regular Family Day meet ups and special events and workshops, especially for first time parents!

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