The egg donation process

In order for us to help facilitate your dream of becoming a parent in the most efficient, easy and affordable way, we do our utmost to simplify the process whilst maintaining the highest standards at all times, collaborating with the best IVF Clinics and most reputable medical teams around the world.

The process in stages

  1. Signing of the agreement with Tammuz Family.
  2. Selecting an egg donor from our diverse database of South-African donors.
  3. Sperm deposit will be done at Crown IVF in North Cyprus or at Assuta Superm in Israel (and then shipped to Crown IVF.)
  4. IVF is performed at state-of-the-art Crown IVF Clinic in Famagusta, North Cyprus
  5. Embryos will be developed until day 5 (blastocyst stage).
  6. Intended mother’s preperations for the embryo transfer will be done wither by her own OB or by Crown IVF protocol.
  7. Embryos transfer will be done at Crown IVF Clinic in North Cyprus.

*The Intended Mother will travel to North Cyprus for the embryo transfer. Stay duration: 1 night before the embryo transfer. Travel back home can take place the same day of the embryo transfer.

8 reasons why Intended Parents choose Tammuz

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