Do’s and Don’ts of Egg Donation for Intended Parents

Egg Donation for Intended Parents

As an intended parent, choosing an egg donor is one of the most important and challenging decisions. It can be overwhelming to navigate this decision. However, when selecting the donor, you are more likely to be drawn toward people with specific characteristics like you. Ideally, you should choose someone with whom you connect. You must […]

6 Parenthood Tips for Intended Parents

Intended Parents

The entire surrogacy process can be very time-consuming and challenging. Amidst all this, you may not realize that once the surrogate gives birth to the baby, you will immediately become a parent and have all the responsibilities of parenthood. Even though you are not carrying the child, you must prepare for what is about to […]

6 Tips to a Positive Surrogacy Journey

Surrogacy Journey

Surrogacy is one of the most complex yet special journeys you will ever be a part of, whether you are the surrogate or intend to be the parents. Things may go all right, but still, it might get a tad bit challenging. However, you must always focus on making the journey positive and comfortable. But, […]

Surrogacy: A complete guide for Intended Parents

Gay Parents with daughter

What is surrogacy? Surrogacy is an arrangement, supported by a legal agreement, whereby a woman agrees to become pregnant, carry the pregnancy to due term, and give birth to a child or children, all of this for another person or persons