Why choose Tammuz Family?

You are a step away from the most important journey of your lives.

You have read and studied the subject, consulted with others and ready to go ahead.  Before you start, we want you to know the principles that guide Tammuz Family throughout the years and all the advantages that have turned us into one of the leading surrogacy company in the world.

We are a “One Stop Shop”, in that we work with you on the whole process from start to finish.  From the choosing an egg donor, locating and screening the surrogate, the medical procedures, legal support and assistance with finding the best insurance and legal experts.  This process makes your journey much more pleasant and provides you with a guarantee that we are taking care of everything.

Tammuz Family has developed different tailor-made programs to fit the different needs of each and every man and woman who dream of a baby.  We offer the most affordable and professional programs.  Working with international partner organizations allows us to provide you with a range of options.

All surrogates undergo medical and psychological screening and have gone through healthy pregnancy and delivery.  Our sourcing of and support of surrogates is ongoing, so you will have minimum wait times for an available surrogate.

YOU are at the center.  We make sure to accompany the intended parents and to provide the best personal and professional service that we can.  At Tammuz Family it is all about YOU.  We have now delivered over 620 babies, helping dreams come true for those wanting to start or complete their families.

Tammuz Family has been working throughout the years to advance the equality of surrogacy to everyone. We are advocating for this in the judicial and media arenas for this very purpose – and we will continue to do so into the future.

Throughout the process we are there 24/7 for our intended parents, but we do not stop there. Tammuz accompanies the hundreds of families long after with special events & workshops.  We look forward to working with you and your loved ones in the future.