Our Team

Doron Mamet Meged - Founder
In 2008, due to the surrogacy process Doron underwent with his partner, he devised and founded Tammuz in order to allow more couples and singles to join the circle of parents through surrogacy. In 2009 Doron initiated and opened an exclusive global plan and over the years, he developed further unique plans.
in 2013 he also gained international recognition when he was chosen as one of the 36 entrepreneurs who make the world a happier place, alongside Oprah Winfrey and Mark Zukerberg.

Doron also leads legislative and legal processes to promote equality in surrogacy for everyone.
Doron, is a graduate of the Talpiot Intelligence Corps with a BA in Social Sciences, he served as director of various high-tech companies. He is married to Doron and is a father to Talia and Matan.

Roy Rosenblatt Nir - CEO
Roy is married to Ronen and is a father to Saar and Rotem, who were born through a surrogacy process in India.
After serving for six years as the Israeli Consul for Economic Affairs in Brazil, he returned to Israel in 2014, and joined 'Tammuz Family'. He had successfully established "Tammuz Brazil", and was then appointed CEO of the group.
Roy is a graduate of Tel Aviv University in Business Administration, Political Science and Psychology and has a Master's degree in Law.

Since taking office Roy took upon the task of expanding the map of Tammuz’ destinations around the globe, and strengthening its position as the leading player in the international surrogacy world.
Roy Youldous-Raiss - VP Marketing
Roy Youldous-Raiss it Tammuz Family's VP Marketing and Business Development manager. He lives in Israel, married to Or and a father to 3.5 years old twins, Elya and Liri. Roy joined Tammuz team following his own surrogacy journey which motivated him to help others in achieving their dream of a baby.

Over the years Roy has met hundreds of intended parents who went through the surrogacy, supporting them and walking hand in hand throughout the process. Roy is responsible for Tammuz Family's global marketing, developing company's collaborations and special events, social media and seminars. He has BA in Film and Television, MA in communication and an MBA specializing in entrepreneurship and business strategy.
Anat Strauss - Finance Director
Anat joined Tammuz in 2015 as the company’s Finance Director. Anat is responsible for all the payments, billings and financial systems related to customers and suppliers. Anat has a BA in Accounting and Economics, a Master of Laws degree and many years of experience as a Controller in an international company in the areas of communication and high-tech. Anat is married and is a mother to three sons.
Tamar Ozer - Account Executive & Courses Manager
Tamar joined Tammuz in 2012 as head of training and parental support during pregnancy and after. Nowadays, she is the Account Executive from signing the contract, throughout the pregnancy until the delivery. Tamar has a degree in special-needs education and facilitating parental groups, with many years of experience in managing different parent-child centers. Tamar is married and is a mother of three children.
Noa Rotschild - Account Executive
Noa (34) is married and mother of two. She is BA graduate in Sociology & Anthropology and has an MBA, specialties in Managerial and Business psychology. Noa has a wide experience in project manager in HR international companies. Noa accompanies intended parents throughout the process – from signing the contract until birth of the baby.
Bruna Alves - Tammuz Brazil Manager
Bruna plays a major role in the expansion of Tammuz into the Braziliian market and in making surrogacy available to dozens of Brazilian men and women. In 2016, at the end of her studies in Ireland, Bruna moved back to Brazil and became the formal local representative of Tammuz Family. Bruna holds seminars in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, meets with intended parents and guides them along the way - until the realize their dream of having a baby. Bruna lives in São Paulo.
Eduardo Afonso - Tammuz Nordic Manager
Eduardo Afonso is a father to Zelda and Esther who were born through surrogacy in Thailand in 2014. Eduardo used to have leading positions at international companies in the media industry and also started-up a successful company. Following his own surrogacy process, Eduardo realized he wanted to help other who are willing to achieve their dream in becoming parents. Nowadays, he is running the first full service surrogate agency in the Nordic countries.