Surrogacy in the USA

Who is the program suitable for?
Surrogacy in the US is suitable for everyone - straights, gays, couples and singles.

Egg donations procedure:
IPs can choose from the following options, according to the selected plan:

  1. South African/Ukrainian egg donor fresh full cycle 
    - Egg donation and IVF takes place at Western Fertility Institute in L.A.
    - Embryos will be implanted into the American surrogate.
  2. South African/Ukrainian donor  from Tammuz egg bank.
    - IVF takes place at Aveya Fertility Clinic in New Delhi, the leading fertility clinic in India.
    - Embryos are shipped to Western Fertility Institute in the US where they will be  implanted into an American surrogate.

The surrogates
Tammuz Family is pleased to offer available surrogates to IPs within two months of signing the contract.

Gadi & Shai meet the surrogate for embryo transfer day

What happens after the birth?
After the birth you undergo a short legal procedure to issue a birth certificate and US passport for the baby, with which you can go back home. We will accompany you at this stage until your departure from the United States. Once you are back home, you may chhose to undergo further legal proceedings, accompanied by a local lawyer, in order to regulate the baby's civil status and obtain a passport.


Plan Base Guarantee Plan USA full cycle Guarantee Plan
Cost $105,000 $125,000

Costs include:

  Including Costs
Surrogate screening
  • Medical tests
  • Blood tests
  • Psychological evaluation
  • Criminal background check
Surrogate compensation
  • Surrogate's basic compensation
  • Additional compensation: babysitting, maternity clothing, loss wages
Egg donation +retrieval
  • Donor's compensation
  • Donor's travel expanses
  • Donor's medications
  • Genetic Fragile X test
  • FDA test
  • Eggs retrieval
IVF + Embryo transfer
  • IVF
  • Medications
  • Embryo transfer
  • FDA Kit for intended parents )if needed)
  • Pregnancy 1st trimester monitoring
Surrogate's insurance
  • Insurance expeert report
  • 250$ Monthly premium
Legal services + Escrow account
  • Contract insurance
  • Baby birth certificate court order


Costs do not include:

  Cost Notes
Twin pregnancy 5,000$  
C- Section 2,000$  
Loss of Reproductive organs Insurance 400$  
Sperm shipping 2,000$ Cost will be determined by ship 
ment’s origin and destination
Abortion/miscarriage 2,000$ per month  
Surrogate's insurance

Monthly premium -



Deductibles -

approx. 5,000$ - 7,000$


Premium -
The plans include Tammuz Family's 250$ premium monthly payment. In case premium is higher, IPs shall pay the difference


Deductibles - 
Final payments will be setteles based on surrogate's actual insurance

Surrogate's travel expenses

approx. 3,000$


Payments do not include intended parents' travel expanses, baby's delivery costs and insurance for the baby if needed

Please see below a typical time table for this program