Surrogacy In Ukraine

Who is the program suitable for?

Surrogacy in Ukraine is a great option for straight married couples. Not available for gay couples or single people.

Egg donations procedure:

Egg donations are made at Nadiya Clinic, the leading fertility clinic in Kiev, Ukraine. Additionally, there is a possibility of egg donations at Aveya fertility clinic in New Delhi, India and shipping them to Ukraine.

The Surrogates

The surrogates come from Kiev and the surroundings. They and being taken care of throughout the pregnancy at Nadiya fertility clinic in Kiev, Ukraine.

What happens after the birth?

After the birth of your baby you undergo a legal proceedings, at the end of which the baby will be given a passport according to the parents' nationality. This procedure takes about 3-4 weeks, during which we accompany and guide you every step of the way.


Standard programs:

Existing Embryos Self harvesting in Ukraine Ukrainian egg donor South African donor  
$35,150 + $12,500 $35,550 + $12,500 $37,050 + $12,500 $48,050 + $12,500  

Guarantee Programs:

Ukrainian donor South African donor South African donor (with guaranteed donation)
$62,500 $72,500 $77,500