Surrogacy for People Live with HIV

Tammuz Family is proud to lead the surrogacy revolution among people living with HIV. We are happy with each positive family who joins our community.

Thanks to major changes in medicine and leading a healthy life-style, HIV positive people can fulfill their dream of a baby via surrogacy in the USA.

New technology improvements allow HIV positive people to perform IVF and have a healthy baby.

So how does it work? Intended parents fly to the fertility clinic in the USA, where the intended father will go through sperm wash.

Sperm wash is being done as part of SPAR Program, which keeps severe standards which minimize the detection of the virus in the bloos to almost zero. This program, which started in 1994, is approved by the FDA. Ryan, the first baby of the program, was born in 1999. By now more than 200 babies were born.

Tammuz family will accompany the IPs throughout the process – medically, legaly and logistcally.