Frequently Asked Questions

After the procedure
+How long will it take before we are home with the baby?

Leaving the country with the baby depends first of all on his health and his release from the hospital. From the US you can return back home with the baby's American passport within two weeks. From Ukraine and Russia you must wait for a passport of your nationality - This procedure takes approximately 3-4 weeks

During the procedure
+I am HIV positive. Can I go through surrogacy procedure?

HIV positive IPs can undergo the procedure only in the United States.

+What tests will the surrogate undergo throughout the pregnancy?

Surrogates undergo tests in accordance with the pregnancy tests protocol customary in their country, and in accordance with the requirements of Tammuz. However, IPs may request special tests from the surrogate based on doctor's recommendation and request,

+Will I meet the surrogate throughout the procedure?

It depends on the country in which the procedure takes place. In the United States there is a direct connection with the surrogate throughout the procedure. MOreover, it is very much expected from intended paremts to keep in touch with the surrogate.
In Ukraine and Russia, due to language and culture barriers, communication is mediated by Tammuz. However, you will obviously meet the surrogate at the beginning of the process in order to sign the contract.

Before the procedure
+Do I sign a contract with the surrogate?


+Can we meet the egg donor?

Donating eggs is done anonymously. However, in many cases donors aggree to meet IPs and the children. Tammuz Family will check the validity of this connection, based on IPs request and d0nor's will.

+What information is available about the egg donor?

Even though egg donors are anonymous, intended parents receive extensive information about them, including: photographs, medical history, family's medical history and personal information. 

+Which tests does the surrogate undergo?

All surrogates undergo rigorous screening, medical and psychological tests and preparation for the process.

+Is it possible to choose the surrogate?

This depends on the country where the procedure is performed. In the United States IPs and surrogate choose each other and only after sign the agreement. In Ukraine and Russia, the prospective parents will meet with the surrogate prior to starting the process in order to sign a contract. 

+What tests need to be performed before beginning the procedure?

Before starting the surrogacy process, tests are performed for contagious diseases (HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, etc.). Also, it is recommended to perform genetic tests.

Surrogacy around the world
+What tests need to be performed before beginning the procedure?

Before starting the surrogacy process, tests are performed for contagious diseases (HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, etc.). Also, it is recommended to perform genetic tests.

+Is there a procedure for lesbian cpuple in which the embryo of one mother will be transferred to her spouse?

You. Tammuz Family offers special procedure in which the partner will bear the embryos created from her partner's egg. For more info

+What is the cost surrogacy?

Costs range from $45,000 - $125,000, depending on the country.

+Which countries allow surrogacy?

USA – Allows surrogacy for everyone

Ukraine - Allows surrogacy for heterosexual married couples only

Russia - Alows surrogacy for married heterosexual couples and singles

Greece - Allows surrogacy for straight married couples or common-law couples and single women

Canada - Allows altruistic surrogacy for everyone

England - Allows altruistic surrogacy for British citizens only

Georgia - Allows surrogacy for heterosexual married couples

Surrogacy - General
+What is surrogacy?

Surrogacy is procedure through which a woman carries a baby in her womb that was created from an egg fertilized from sperm of man who is not her partner. It is common to distinguish between Gestational surrogacy and Traditional surrogacy.

Gestational surrogacy is the carrying of the fetus by the surrogate mother, which is produced by using eggs that are not hers but are of the prospective mother or by using a donor egg. In this process the embryo created through in vitro fertilization and is implanted in the surrogate's uterus - until the birth of the baby and its delivery to the prospective parents. This form of surrogacy is allowed in various countries including the USA, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, UK and Greece.

Traditional surrogacy is fertilization of the surrogate mother’s egg from the sperm of a man, through artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization, where the baby will be delivered to the prospective parents after birth. This surrogacy is not permitted in most countries.

Surrogacy in Israel
+What does the surrogacy law in Israel say?
Surrogacy in Israel is permitted by law since 1996 in accordance with the Law for the Carriage of fetuses (Approval of Agreement and Status of the New born) 5756. The law was passed in accordance with the recommendations of the Aloni Committee which was appointed in 1991 and which has determined not to ban Surrogacy, but to permit it under restricted conditions. Accordingly, surrogacy law allows only married couples to go through the process.
+Who can undergo surrogacy in Israel?
Only straight married couples or common-law couples, who are Israeli citizens, at the ages of 50 (for the woman) and 52 (for the man).
+Can single women undergo surrogacy in Israel?
+Can same-sex couples or single men perform the procedure in Israel?
+Why you should choose Tammuz Family?

You are a step away from the most important journey of your lives.

You have read and studied the subject, consulted with others and ready to go ahead.  Before you start, we want you to know the principles that guide Tammuz Family throughout the years and all the advantages that have turned us into one of the leading surrogacy company in the world.

We are a "One Stop Shop”, in that we work with you on the whole process from start to finish.  From the choosing an egg donor, locating and screening the surrogate, the medical procedures, legal support and assistance with finding the best insurance and legal experts.  This process makes your journey much more pleasant and provides you with a guarantee that we are taking care of everything.

Tammuz Family has developed different tailor-made programs to fit the different needs of each and every man and woman who dream of a baby.  We offer the most affordable and professional programs.  Working with international partner organizations allows us to provide you with a range of options.

All surrogates undergo medical and psychological screening and have gone through healthy pregnancy and delivery.  Our sourcing of and support of surrogates is ongoing, so you will have minimum wait times for an available surrogate.

YOU are at the center.  We make sure to accompany the intended parents and to provide the best personal and professional service that we can.  At Tammuz Family it is all about YOU.  We have now delivered over 620 babies, helping dreams come true for those wanting to start or complete their families.

Tammuz Family has been working throughout the years to advance the equality of surrogacy to everyone. We are advocating for this in the judicial and media arenas for this very purpose - and we will continue to do so into the future.

Throughout the process we are there 24/7 for our intended parents, but we do not stop there. Tammuz accompanies the hundreds of families long after with special events & workshops.  We look forward to working with you and your loved ones in the future.