Egg Donation

Egg Donation – The Tammuz Family Revolution 

The Tammuz revolutionary egg donation plan offers a fully guaranteed program, ending either in pregnancy or a full refund. With over 10 years of experience in fertility and egg donations, we are pleased to offer a unique plan, developed in collaboration with the best state-of-the-art clinics around the world.

As opposed to other egg donation programs, we do not guarantee just a number of embryos transfers; rather focusing on a successful procedure.  Thus, we commit ourselves to continue creating embryos at no additional cost to the patient, up to four transfers.

Tammuz has a unique, high-quality pool of egg donors, consisted of Western European origin (Caucasian South African egg donors) and Asian donors from different ethnicities.

The information on each donor is very detailed and includes personal, medical and psychological aspects, as well as the medical history of the donor and her family. By the intended parents’ request, a Skype meeting can be held with most donors.

There are many good reasons to choose Tammuz’ donors:

  • Meticulous screening – all donors undergo comprehensive genetic tests and blood tests.
  • Variety – a pool of hundreds of donors of European origin.
  • Premium donors
  • Proven fertility
  • Information-rich profiles
  • Multiple donor pictures
  • Option of Skype conversation with the donor prior to donation
  • Lots of information on medical history of both the donor and her family

Quality of the medical procedure: the embryos are created in a laboratory built according to Western standards, compliant with strict FDA regulations.

Further advantages:

  • Experience – Tammuz has supervised hundreds of egg donation procedures around the world.
  • Warm & personal attention – we provide comprehensive treatment, with the utmost sensitivity and attention given to each donor and patient.
  • Collection and shipment of sperm abroad from all medical centers.
  • Quick, efficient and accessible process.
  • Easy terms of payment.
  • Unique plans – until success or a full refund!